Lightweight Web Framework in Python

Flask Framework

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate.

What is a web framework and why is it useful?

A web framework is a software framework that is created to support the development of dynamic sites, web services, and web applications. A web framework is a code library that makes web development quicker and easier by giving basic patterns for building reliable, scalable, and maintainable web applications ¹.

Flask: Introduction

Flask is a lightweight WSGI web application framework. It is designed to make getting started quick and easy, with the…

Data Science, Tutorial

Querying Techniques Every Data Scientist Should Know

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language designed for storing, managing, and retrieving data from a relational database. All Relational DB Systems like MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and Postgres use SQL as their standard database language for performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) operations.
Filtering and performing certain manipulations or computations at the Database level can significantly improve the performance of the application that utilizes the data. SQL is a language used by Data Scientists almost on a day-to-day basis but not spoken about as much as R or Python. …

The most essential skill for Data Science — Data Wrangling with Pandas

A Complete Guide to Data Wrangling using Pandas (Python) library

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Pandas is one of the core components of the Data Science toolkit. Over the past year, importing the Pandas library has become the primary step to every project that I’ve worked on, in Python. Loading and analyzing relational/labeled data has never been easier. As you can infer from the graph below, Pandas is only the second-highest downloaded Data Science package, after NumPy. It is understandable since Pandas was built on top of NumPy.

Key concepts in Python Programming

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages with a wide range of applications. Its straight-forward and easy-to-use syntax has made it a preferred programming language for both beginners and experts. Python is said to be one of the most visited tags on Stack Overflow and one of the fastest-growing ones.

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